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TTI Weed Spraying Range

TTI has been manufacturing industry-leading spray equipment for over 20 years and distributing nationwide through a network of local dealers. Suitable for use with herbicides, insecticides and fertilisers. With the broad range of tanks, sprayers, pumps and accessories available, including 12V sprayers, ATV spray units, field sprayers and more, you’ll find the right spray system for your needs

TTI Water Cartage Tanks

TTi are Australia’s leading manufacture of UV stabilised, impact resistant, polyethylene water cartage tanks. Designed with opaque colours to prevent algae growth, plus optional steel mounting frames, TTi will provide a complete solution to your water cartage needs. From 20 to 17,000 litres, including the popular 1000 litre water tank, the AquaTrans range has the poly water cartage tank for your UTE, Truck or Trailer. Offering premium stability and durability, select from our range of portable water tanks below.

TTI Water Tanks

TTi's small water cartage tanks range from 10L to 100L. These tanks can be used for freshwater, handwash tanks, foam tanks and other general applications where a small amount of water is needing to be transported to safely.

TTI Ute/Atv Sprayers

TTi offers a range of slip-on field sprayers for farming and weed control. Our sprayers can be used for chemicals such as fertilisers, insecticides and herbicides. All our sprayers are designed and manufactured in Australia.

TTI- Slip-on Yard Watering Units

TTi’s tough and robust AquaPath is perfect for civil works, dust suppression, tree watering, fire fighting. This slip on water cart is simple yet safe, effective, and reliable that does the job every time. View our range of accessories and options to build the perfect AquaPath water cart for your needs! Tested and ready to be mounted on any tipper, flat tray or trailer!

TTI Pressure Cleaning Units

Heavy duty pressure cleaning trailers are ideal for councils, civil and industrial use, with options such as hot/cold wash for removing heavy grime and dirt. Standard fit out options include hot or cold wash pressure cleaners for heavy grime and dirt, and firefighting pump and motor for general purpose washdown and dust suppression.

TTI Modular tanks

The answer to your chemical transport needs. Cart different chemicals in the one load! Modules can be plumbed to drain independently or together. Freestanding design can be mounted to any flatbed truck, using unique 6″ connections between modules. The sump design can be used for transporting chemicals or other load separate loads of chemicals.

TTI- Fire-fighting Trailer Units

Firefighter trailers are essential for rapid response when combatting fire. At TTi we have used our experience and expertise to develop the ideal range of fire fighting trailer units to cover all needs. Trans Tank International’s range of tank and trailer sizes ensure there is the perfect one for you.

TTI Firefighting Slip-on Units

TTi's range of fire fighting slip-on units – portable via your ute, trailer or truck! With easy installation and great versatility, TTi’s skid mounted firefighting units are portable via vehicle to ensure you can provide rapid response wherever the fire may be. Water tank sizing ranges from 220L to 2400L ensuring we have an option to suit all. With an extensive range we have the perfect slip on or skid mounted firefighting unit for your Ute, trailer or truck.

TTI Firefighting Kits

Pumps, hoses and firefighting protection kits from Australia’s tried and tested suppliers At TTi we stock numerous firefighting kits that are perfect for the protection of your unique property or land. A wide variety of pumps, hose lengths, and unit sizes mean that you can find the package or product that suits you best. All our options provide versatility and value for money so find the right one for you today.

TTI Diesel Tanks

TTi is Australia’s leading supplier of diesel equipment and storage tanks. We also build complete portable diesel transfer units, such as diesel fuel transfer trailers, diesel refueling ute packs and complete range of accessories. Perfect for transportation of diesel in the agricultural and civil industries, our diesel tanks are made from diesel grade Polyethylene material to eliminate any chance of rust. Our Poly diesel tanks are also UV stabilised, versatile and highly durable and. All of our diesel fuel equipment backed with a 15 Year Warranty.

TTI Diesel Cartage Tanks

Put safety first with our Australian owned and manufactured diesel fuel tanks. With specifically formulated diesel grade polyethene, you can trust TTi’s portable diesel fuel tanks to deliver on quality. Complete with pad-lockable filler cap, static prevention earth strap and a point for secure mounting these tanks put safety first.

TTI Blue Transfer Tanks

TTi's DEF dispensing units are equipped with pump cover, Piusi 35 L/min pump kit, auto shut-off nozzle, 2-inch filler & pad-lockable cap, 4m of 20mm delivery hose and 4m battery cables. They are the ideal unit for refilling your equipment and machinery quickly with AdBlue.

TTI 12 volt Sprayers

TTi’s 12v Sprayer Range are quiet achievers, literally. The TTi range of 12v sprayers is built to withstand Australian conditions. Rechargeable units with high-quality poly tanks are durable and can be used for relevant spraying applications. Sprayers can be optioned with booms and high-quality booms for various applications With handheld and knapsack options for small jobs through to Ute and ATV Trailer sprayers for professional use, you’re sure to find the 12v sprayer for the job.

TTI 3point Linkage Boom Sprayers

Hook up and go with TTi’s LinkOn Boom Sprayer Range. From small acreage farms to large scale operations, TTi has the size and options to suit your needs and your tractor. The selection of high quality components ensures longevity and great return on your investment, in yet another product from the TTi family. The hot dip galvanized frame, and backed by our 20 year tank warranty, giving you the peace of mind it will withstand the harsh conditions. The heavy duty tank with integrated hand wash tank puts your safety first.

Solo 305B

For larger professional cleaning jobs using alkaline chemicals. Application: For the use of alkaline (basic) cleaning fluids with a pH of seven to 14. Suitable for ammonia, copper-based, calcium-based, glycerine, zinc-based, potassium-based and sodium-based chemicals.

Solo 458

These premium quality pressure sprayers are the right tool for professionals. Application: Plant protection in larger private gardens, decorative plants, shrubs and plantations and weed control. Can also be used for cleaning applications like janitorial disinfection, pest control and trade applications.

Solo 425LC

Piston backpack sprayer with impressive spray performance. Application: Plant protection in the farm, acreage, decorative plants, shrubs and plantation contexts. Weed control can be achieved using suitable plant protection agents; including Roundup.

Silvan Turf Sprayer

Trailed 1000 litre Turf sprayer with 121L/min diaphragm pump, direct coupled to 6.5HP Honda motor, manual controls on pump and Pitarm hosereel with fish mouth nozzle.

Silvan Traylink Sprayer

A 300L slimline tank with sump, UV stabilised and polytuff, the 300L Traylink Sprayer with 6M boom comes fully assembled, factory tested and ready for use. Features a high capacity DDP-550 12V Pump (20L/min open flow) and two manual section valves for spot and boom spraying.

Silvan Supaflo Orchard Sprayer

Trailed air assist 3000 litre Orchard sprayer with 182L/min diaphragm pump, electric controls, a Glideflex axle upgrade, wide angle shaft and Powerhead conveyor with 920mm fan. Ideal for orchards with trees up to 5 metres high.

Silvan Supaflo G2

Next generation trailed air assist 4000 litre G2 sprayer with 161L/min diaphragm pump, electric controls, a Glideflex axle upgrade, wide angle shaft, flush tank, chemical induction hopper and Radak conveyor with 920mm fan. Ideal for orchards with trees up to 5 metres high. Note: this image shows the Powerhead fan.

Silvan Suntuff Linkage

Linkage air assist Suntuff 500 litre sprayer with a 88L/min diaphragm pump and 800mm fan. Ideal for smaller vineyards or orchards and smaller horsepower tractors. Additional option available with electric controls D058-96E.

Silvan Slimline Linkage

Linkage 800 litre Slimline sprayer with 121L/min pump, no boom.

Silvan Linkage Sprayer

Linkage 1900 litre sprayer with 121L/min pump, no boom. Ideal for pasture spraying. Note: infield image shows 1600L linkage sprayer with optional 14m HD Devil boom.

Silvan G2E Vineyard Sprayer

Trailed over row G2E TGS 2 row 4000 litre sprayer with 182L/min pump, 500mm twin turbine fan and electric valve controls. Ideal for vineyards. Note: infield images show the 3 row 4000L G2E TGS.

Silvan Econopak Linkage

Linkage 600 litre Econopak sprayer with 58L/min pump, reel, hose & gun and 6m Econopak boom. Ideal for spraying pasture. Note: Infield image is of the 300L Econopak. Product image is of the 400L Econopak.

Silvan Economax Linkage Sprayer

High capacity sprayer with a 10m galvanised boom and hose reel for field and spot spraying in one package. (Image displayed is of KBC800 800L tank capacity)

North Star Elite Spot Sprayer

This NorthStar® Elite Spot Sprayer quickly and efficiently treats areas with precision. Available in 60 litres and 98 litres capacity along with a reliable, high-pressure NorthStar® NSQ Series® on-demand pump generates impressive flow rates for high-volume delivery that takes care of applications fast and effortlessly. Combines with the included deluxe spray gun to deliver a maximum vertical spray height of 5.7m. and maximum horizontal spray distance of 9.1m. Adjustable stream-to-cone brass nozzle with 4m hose. The extra-thick walled tank holds 60L or 98L so you spend less time refilling.

North Star Diesel tank

This fantastic diesel tank allows you to take your diesel where it’s needed when it’s needed. Using a 12v diesel pump and available in a wide range of capacities from 100 litres up to 500 litres. During may we are giving away $50 diesel voucher with every tank purchase. Don’t miss out!

North Star Boom Spot Sprayer

The versatile, high-end NorthStar® Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer give you the ability to do both precision and wide-coverage spraying. Equipped with a commercial-grade NorthStar NSQ Series® pump, it provides easier priming, exceptional durability and superior resistance to harsh environments and corrosive chemicals. The completely redesigned, the over-sized tank is secured to a heavy-duty 100% steel cart that handles the roughest terrain. A retractable tow-bar, foldable boom arms and removable axle and wheels allow for ultra-compact storage. Litres marks are moulded into the tank for easy fluid level monitoring. Tow behind your ATV or lawn/garden tractor.

North Star 12v Spot Sprayer

NorthStar® Spot Sprayer for treating small areas with precision. Available in 38 litres, 60 litres and 98 litres capacity along with A commercial-grade NorthStar NSQ Series™ sprayer on-demand pump provides faster priming and longer life. 100% continuous duty rating. Honeywell MICRO SWITCHTM for enhanced durability & efficiency. Sprayers come with a spray gun adjustable nozzle from cone to stream shooting up to 5.7m vertical and 9.1m horizontal (60L & 98L – 38L provides 2.3m vertical and 7.6m horizontal). A 4.5m clear polyvinyl chloride hose makes monitoring chemical flow simple. Large152mm, diameter tank lid for easy filling. Unique pressure switch design slowly cycles the pump for less switch and motor wear. SantopreneTM diaphragm and Viton® valves have superior reliability and chemical resistance.