Tractor Accessories

Tractor Accessories

Cavan Agricultural Agencies carries a wide variety of parts as well as new and used equipment. Please call us on (08) 8262 3847 if there is something you are looking for and we would be happy to help!

Landquip VMX Toolcarrier

Landquip VMX Tool carrier is a very versatile addition to your operation, both on the Farm and in the Vineyard Farm A new handling situation has arisen for farmers as more and more bulk goods arrive to the farm on pallets. VMX™ Tool carrier Farm is an innovative and versatile new concept which gives farmers a convenient, cost effective alternative to a front-end loader. It is excellent as a secondary lifting unit on the farm. VMX Tool carrier can be quickly and easily fitted to any tractor on your farm via its 3-point linkage and has several important advantages when handling these types of goods. -Vineyard

Landquip VMX Forklift

The VMX mast design gives precision sliding with no side sway. Durable double sealed roller bearing and case-hardened rollers are employed. The outer section features bolted construction instead of welding to eliminate distortion. Precision high tensile steel I-beams produced in Germany complete this radical design. All front mounted models come standard with tilt. Side shift is available as an option on any model. When not in use the forks can fold over out of the way.

Landquip Rolatrac

New Holland supersteer forklift mounting system, Landquip Rolatrac™ is a patented, innovative front mounting system that takes full advantage of the popular New Holland Supersteer tractors.

Landquip Minilift

The Landquip Minilift™ is a basic 3 point linkage mounted lift, ideal for pallets, bales, troughs and general lifting around the property.

Landquip Loadfloater

Landquip Loadfloater™ is a 3-point linkage mounted fork system designed to protect produce from damage. The hollow rubber suspension system floats the bin while 6 hardened steel rollers provide 150mm of free movement.

Landquip Economy Forklift

Ideal for beekeepers, small farm holdings, nurseries and lifestylers. A good value, all roller mast.